Highwood Outdoor Furniture & Accessories

Manufactured from The World's Most Advanced Synthetic Wood. Luxury & Performance. No Paint. No Stain. 12 Year Warranty!

Highwood Adirondacks in the Snow

About highwood®

Made from the world's most realistic synthetic wood material, highwood® is truly "Nature's Closest Rival" and is the worlds most realistic, advanced alternative to wood. Premium embossed surfaces and rich colors that run to the core of the recycled material (no thin plastic shiny pieces or thin veneers here!) provide years of trouble-free ownership. This eco-friendly recycled plastic is the same high-grade material used on the worlds leading hot-tub cabinets and in famous theme parks around the globe. If you prefer the natural look of wood, but would like a product that can be left outside without the maintenance headaches of real-wood, then highwood® is for you.

Features and Benefits

highwood® synthetic lumber provides you with the “next generation” in outdoor living materials. Breathtaking natural wood-grain beauty combines with ultra low maintenance and longevity. No other ultra low maintenance outdoor product comes as close to the look and feel of real wood:

  • Ultra low maintenance – an occasional wash down with soapy water keeps your highwood product free of dust/grime and looking its best.
  • Deep, rich, natural wood-grain colors –5 standard colors are manufactured and used in Highwood USA furniture.
  • Color Stability – come rain or shine, your highwood product stays looking great throughout its lifetime.
  • NO wood-fiber mixed into the recipe (not a “composite”) – As a true synthetic material, highwood® will not fade or fall victim to moisture damage/absorption.
  • Solid pieces – just like real wood, highwood® synthetic wood is made in solid pieces and is the same material right down to the core. No veneers and no inferior “inner” layers or filling.

The Best Value

In any outdoor product application, wood and even composites require annual care just to prevent deterioration. With a flat-line cost and proven durability, highwood® allows you to spend less time caring for your product and more time enjoying it!

When considering the value of highwood® you must measure the true cost of ownership over time to appreciate its value. Yes there are lower cost options available that may deliver adequate performance initially, but whatever the product/application, in the world of “outdoor living” it pays to invest in the quality over time.

Count up the labor, material, maintenance and replacement costs (they won’t last as long as highwood® synthetic wood!) of other materials. Not only do you have the burden of maintenance to consider, you also have that replacement cost. We invite you to compare the payback of highwood® to other materials. Remember that highwood® material stays looking beautiful… year after year.

The Eco-friendly Choice

By purchasing Highwood USA products you:

  • Replace multiple purchases of wood…which may not always be sourced from sustainable forestry programs.
  • Remove the potential for wood chemicals, stains & other treatments from leaching into the environment.
  • Use a “closed cell” material that does not leach any chemicals into the environment and NEVER needs staining or painting.
  • Have the choice to recycle highwood® material at the end of its useful life (Highwood USA will help you find local recycle options and/or send the material back to Highwood for recycling).
  • Are investing in a PVC free product.

Handcrafted by Amish craftsmen, Highwood furniture is beautiful, elegant and durable choice for your outdoor living space.

Highwood is a “next generation” material. A new and UNIQUE solution for outdoor applications...the beauty of wood in solid synthetic pieces that are ULTRA low maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying your furniture and less time caring for it.